All the Code and Tech Concepts You Should Know as a Designer

Learn how to work with developers to build better digital products, faster.

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What is the Handoff Guide?

Don Norman, one of the pioneers of UX, says the number 1 skill designers should have in 2020 is teamwork. More and more, designers are expected to not only have design knowledge, but also be able to work closely with developers and engineers to build digital products.

Instead of teaching designers how to code, The Handoff Guide helps designers learn basic principles of digital product development and technical constraints so that they can spend more time making their designs better and less time going back to the drawing board over and over again after development feedback.

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Learning how to speak the technical language of developers has helped me immensely as a designer working in the field technology. I'm hoping that these resources will help you become a better team member and designer.

Derek Mei

The Handoff